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The Gallery is divided into two main reception rooms, a foyer and Galeries


Bernd Heidenreich was born in Warburg (Germany / Westphalia) in 1951. After his apprenticeship as a decorator Bernd moved to Bamberg / Bavaria. Here he soon specialised as church painter and discovered his interest in the fine arts. Close contact with established local artists like the painter and graphic artist Joerg Sherenkamp led to first drawings and oil sketches. .....

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All walks of life:

Travel reflections and commissions

Cretan Monk (2004) Here the sharp eyes are the fixed point in the wide cloudy sky in front of which the dark clad figure of the Cretan monk seems enormous but in an undetermined way .......

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Village scenes and Landscapes

European towns, villages and landscapes

Heidenreichs village scenes and landscapes show the wide thematic and stylistic spectre. In some pictures of the Warburgan scenes the landscape is created alla prima as an impressionist sketch, fixed in some broad strokes..... Thus, the historical views dont show a view through a window into a concrete situation a hundreds years ago, but an union of past and present: the lived and the living are mixed in a dynamic relation which expresses a face full of experience.......

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